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Working as an integrated team, Nelson’s employees and any project support staff’s mission and goal is always to strive to uphold the ultimate goal of their brand – Clean Dirt, No Doubt! — in an economical, timely and environmentally-responsible fashion.

Nelson Environmental Remediation Jobs

Nelson has proven its success in the remediation industry to produce beneficial re-use soil for more than 20 years.

Nelson Remediation Ltd.’s headquarters is located just 20 minutes west of the City of Edmonton and near the City of Spruce Grove and it’s American office, Nelson Environmental Remediation USA, Ltd. is located in the Seattle, Washington area.

Along with representations and partnerships in Weybern, Saskatchewan, Montreal, Quebec and Minneapolis, Minnesota Nelson’s influence and support systems within the remediation industry reach locally, nationally and internationally.

Nelson employs a small, but core group of full-time employees with approximately 10 management positions ranging from President to Controller and Administrative Support staff. The local remediation business also has 30-40 field and project personnel at hand. Depending on the amount of projects and work at any time, Nelson also employs contractors always seeking local talent first and foremost.

These may include thermal desorption units (TDU) operators, consultants, aboriginal staffing, administrative staff and cultural specialists to assist with project success.

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Working for Nelson

 doesn’t just mean punching in at 9 and punching out at 5. We are actively involved in the environmental corporate community, both in Western Canada, across the rest of Canada and internationally. Some of the organizations Nelson supports includes:

  • The Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)
  • The British Columbia Environmental Industry Association (BCEIA)
  • The Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA)
  • The Canadian Environmental Technology Verification Programme (ETV)
  • ISNetworld (member contractor)
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • OCETA/Canadian Brownfield’s Network
  • The Saskatchewan Environmental Industry Management Association (SEIMA)

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Begin your career with a global company driven to succeed.

Apart from obtaining projects from clients and completing remediation projects, Nelson maintains a rigorous trade show and conference schedule to educate potential clients on our proven process and why it not only makes financial sense, but also social-economic sense to turn to Nelson to provide essential remediation services.